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  • It’s that time of year again and tax season is upon us. The annual exercise can cause stress that is…taxing. For most people, it’s the only time of year requiring comprehensive organization and reporting of one’s financial information. Regardless of how you get there (i.e., doing taxes yourself or with professional help), remember that this year’s deadline to file is Tuesday, April 18. Through the Lifemart® discount center, you have access to discounts and offerings Read More
  • Below, read the GoFundMe message from Houston TRACON FacRep Clay Matheny regarding the tragic loss of our NATCA brother, Damarcus McCarty. If you are able, consider donating to assist his family with expenses during this difficult time. For those of you that knew Damarcus, you know that he was a fighter. He fought his illness to the very end. While he was fighting, he continued to stay positive and always had that big, contagious smile. Read More
  • SAN NATCA members treated a group of San Diego chapter members from Women in Aviation to a tour of San Diego ATCT (SAN) on Sunday, Feb. 12. On Thursday, Feb. 12, Fort Worth Center (ZFW) had the distinct pleasure to provide a tour to Jack Fanning and Paul McCarthy. Jack was a former combat controller in the U.S. Air Force and was injured while serving our country. “Jack and Paul are two of the most Read More
  • Download the flyer here. Read More
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